Sunday, March 22, 2015

Winter Break Trip and Grandpa

Over the Winter Break, my family went to see the Nasellas in Southern Cali. It was our last visit to see Grandpa Nasella. He was in the hospital for part of the time. It was Kearon's and grandpa's first meeting. Kearon is his first great-grandchild and by the sounds of it, grandpa was proud and boasted about Kearon to his nurses and all. I remember seeing Grandma Chatterton (my mom's mom) in this similar state almost 10 years ago. It brings thoughts of regret. Regrets or wishes that I had gotten to know them better. Wishes that I had inquired more about them, my ancestors and more. Although I didn't know them as well as I'd like, I feel much love for them. I know they love me and wanted the best for me, too. 
Growing up, we were able to visit Cali at least once a year to see my dad's family. They are such a loving, welcoming, loud, and fun bunch. Definitely Italian blood is evident! We still try to visit every year or so, but I am so happy we got to go this last Christmas time. Seeing my grandpa one last time was needed. He was my last surviving grandparent. I am glad he got to meet his great-grandson.
At age 95, James (Vincenzo, prior to moving to America) Nasella passed away at home, in his sleep Saturday, March 14. You'll be missed! 

While in Cali, we got to experience Six Flags with some cousins. Michael still hates roller coasters. Dave did his best to tough it out through his motion sickness for me. I love roller coasters!!!
 Ocean Beach with the babe.

Awesome lighted house in St. George made our night

Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas Time

Last Christmas, Kearon was only 7 weeks so this Christmas was a bit more for him and fun to watch his reaction to some of the events and materials/decor. He enjoyed the tree ornaments and lights. Next year, I expect it to be even better!
We got a kitty! I have been denying Dave of his life long dream of a pet. The main reason I allowed this investment was that this kitty would save our yard by wiping out the vole population in our yard, so yes it is an investment. Her name is Xena (yep, the warrior princess. I loved that show when I was younger). She loves people! Kearon has only almost hurt her once. He had a screw driver and almost poked a little too deep. Caught him just in time.
We live in such a wonderful and eventful neighborhood. Throughout the year, there are great gatherings that are held at the neighborhood park. This Christmas, they held a get-together at the park to collect money for families in need but we got to ride a sleigh ride on real like Clydesdale horses! A win-win!
Last, I never was able to picture what my kids would look like and I still am in shock because I have a blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid! He is the sweetest, calmest, snuggliest (not a word) blonde, blue-eyed kid! I am pretty sure I am right about his personality. He enjoys making people laugh. He wants to be happy and wants others to be happy. He is silly but has a quiet sense of humor where he knows how to catch your attention and flash you a mischievous smile. He has a calm, mild temperament like Dave. Even when things are not all great (ie. sick or teeth), he tries his hardest to be happy. We love him!
Lights had nothing on the water features on Temple Square. Kearon loved the fountains.

Xena snuggling Kearon

For some reason, I agreed to start running long distances. 7 mile Crazy Sock Run with neighborhood friends.

Christmas Morning

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kearon's Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday

For the food, I tried to keep it all connected to what the caterpillar ate throughout the story. Sausage (pigs in a blanket), pickles, apples, and oranges. The other food was gummy "caterpillars" and runts, that are shaped and flavored like fruit. I did realize we probably could've used a little more food with the crowd we invited. Yet, it turned out cute with all of the decor and signs! The cake was made by my tennis friend, JaNae. It needed to be dairy-free along with all of the other food and she did a great job! Everyone loved the cake! It was pumpkin flavored with a cookies 'n cream filling. We were happy there were leftovers! 
Here is the caterpillar spread:

 We played Feed the Hungry Caterpillar

 The smashing of the cake turned into how I would see a turtle eat a cake if it could sit up. Kearon took his time and didn't get very messy. 

During the presents and cake, we played a slideshow of pictures that we compiled from the hospital before he was born up to 11 months. We played it on our tv and it was fun to see all of the memories on a big screen.

Our bug is 1 (now 13 months). He's always on the go; a ball of energy. Continues to be pretty calm and overall pretty happy. He is starting to use a few signs at the dinner table like "more" and "all done" but he hasn't gotten "please" down yet. He also has started to clap and picking up more and more playful antics. He has a subtle sense of humor that I've noticed throughout his life.
Binky- whenever he spots one, he'll drop anything to go get it
Mom- if mom isn't in the front room sitting with him while he's playing, he's following her around the kitchen hanging onto her and wanting to be in her arms
Wood Blocks- he has just discovered the wood pile for our stove and will use them to build mini towers, he also likes to take them out and put them back in the box
Swaddle blanket- still loves to hold it next to his ear while he's toddling around (sometimes he'll do this with mom's clothes)
Dad's phone charger- he knows exactly where to find it, pulls it out of the outlet and walks around with it like he's pretty cool. You know what he's going for if he disappears into our room and turns left

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family Pictures

Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's about there!

Our home is coming together. There are just a few more things that need to be done on the exterior and Dave is already beginning the yard! He's such a go-getter! Look at the time lapse of the exterior of our home.